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reception in Sweden


Many of the former camp prisoners arrived at the harbor of Malmö. The first thing they had to do was to take a bath. Then they were disinfected and got new clothes. In the harbor, there was a big tent where the former prisoners could take off their clothes and have a sauna.

After the bath and the disinfection, the former prisoners were put in quarantine, where they had to stay for a while. For this purpose, the authorities had arranged a large number of empty premises such as schools and gym halls. In Lund there were a large number of former prisoners placed in different quarantine facilities: Klosterskolan, Parkskolan, Flickskolan, the Sports Hall, Palaestra, and Råbyskolan.

After quarantine, the former prisoners were transferred to different refugee camps around Sweden.

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Ravensbrück, the camp
the White Buses
reception in Sweden
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