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The Camp prisoners testimony

“…tell ye your children…” was the English name of the Swedish government’s large 1997 campaign about the Holocaust. The book has now been translated into 7 languages and 1.3 million copies have been printed. In words and pictures, an attempt is made to explain the inexplicable. How could genocide take place in the middle of Europe? As neighbors, what was our role?

At Kulturen in Lund, we have material evidence of the Holocaust. Thanks to one man’s courage and foresight, items and fragments were saved when the White Buses came at the end of the war with survivors of the concentration camps.

Zygmunt Lakocinski – a professor of the Polish language at Lund University saw what we know today – evidence must be secured. Besides saving memorabilia and personal items from being burned, testimonies of the survivors from the camps were recorded. Translations of the testimonies can now to be found at the Lund University library. These testimonies have been used as important evidence in court trials.

Kulturen in Lund has been entrusted to house Zygmunt Lakocinski’s material testimony.